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Features of HJLC and NJLC

After finishing Hamamatsu Japan Language College (HJLC) / Numazu Language College (NJLC), it is possible for you to go to Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology or Vocational Colleges in the SIST group by utilizing the group capability. In the case of enrollment from our school there are benefits such as exemption of entrance examination fee, entrance fee, discount tuition fee, and recommendation entrance.

Đặc sắc của Học viện nhật ngữ Hamamatsu, Numazu

Privilege 1
Profitable tuition

Students entering a group school are exempt from entry exam and matriculation fees.

Shizuoka Institute of
Science and Technology
Applicants Entrance Exam Fee Admission Fee Annual Tuition (1 year)
In general 30,000 300,000 1,240,000
From HJLC/NJLC Exempt Exempt 750,000
Vocational school
in the group
Applicants Entrance Exam Fee Admission Fee Annual Tuition (1 year)
In general 22,000 250,000 920,000
From HJLC/NJLC Exempt Exempt 600,000

※Entrance examination fee and admission fee for Shizuoka Professional College of Automobile Technology (Department of Auto Mechanics) will be exempted. Basically, tuition fee is 780,000 yen per year but you will receive lodging subsidy (120,000 yen), so the actual tuition fee will be 660,000 yen per year.

Privilege 2
Advantageous entering and employment

After graduation, you can go to the university and vocational schools of our group like SIST. There is a recommendation system for entry.

Privilege 3
Advantageous living expenses

In Tokyo, rent of apartment will take about 70,000yen per month, but rent of furnished apartment cooperating with HJLC is 17,100 yen.
In addition, life consultant is always staying at the school.

Outline of Incorporated Educational Group: Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology

Our institute has been striving for developing school education under the Spirit of Foundation called, “Contributing to the regional community by nurturing technical expertise” since it was established in 1940 (Showa 15). Based on our “Comprehensive Strength” with a total of 12 schools, including 1 university, 5 professional training colleges, 2 junior and 2 senior high schools, and 2 Japanese language schools, we will firmly grasp the diversifying needs of learning and meet those expectations with high-quality education.
By figuring out the rapid changes of society calmly and realizing the diversifying education with making the most of our “Comprehensive Strength”, we will make the future society bright and exciting even in 10 years from now on. Educational Group, Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology will contribute to create the exciting future.

Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology / Graduate School

◆Mechanical Engineering ◆Electrical and Electronic Engineering ◆Materials and Life Science ◆Computer Science ◆Human Computer Interface Design ◆Architecture ◆Graduate School-(Master’s Degree) Science and Engineering


Department of Architecture was newly established in Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology in April 2017, and the Department of Comprehensive Informatics was changed into the Department of Information. It means that our Institute will start to move forward towards the future. Now that society is about to undergo a major change, aiming at the form of a new science and engineering Institute looking towards the future, a new "Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology " has just started.

  • http://www.sist.ac.jp/
  • 2200-2 Toyosawa, Fukuroi-shi, Shiuzoka-ken, 437-8555, JAPAN
  • TEL:0538-45-0111 / FAX:0538-45-0110

Hamamatsu Mirai Professional Training Colleges

◆Security Network ◆Computer ◆Game Creation ◆CAD ◆Business License ◆Medical Clerk ◆Childcare ◆International IT Business◆International Care and Welfare Dept. ◆Graphic Design ◆Fashion Distribution Dept. ◆Make Bridal Dept.


“Hamamatsu Professional Training College of Information Technology” and “Hamamatsu Design College” were combined and made a new start as “Hamamatsu Mirai Professional Training Colleges” in April, 2021. By engaging across 12 fields, you will be able to acquire “Mirai Skills”. We will take on the responsibility for the future of the local community while drawing out each other's strength.

Shizuoka Professional Training College of Industrial Technology

◆Computer ◆CAD Design ◆CG Technology ◆Game Creation ◆Architecture ◆Future Information


Our school has an enriched curriculum covering basic, applied, practical knowledge and skills to foster human resources who are ready for immediate fighting in "expert technical education" and "human education" which enhances sociality and culture. In addition, it is possible to learn industry latest falsity that always matches the needs of the times with our own network such as cooperation / certification with various companies and educational institutions. The achievements of vocational school education for 45 years and the graduates' success in each industry demonstrate the high level of education.

Shizuoka Professional Training College of International Communication, Airline and Resort

◆International Airline ◆International Tourism and Hotel Bridal ◆International Communication


In addition to classes in full-scale practice rooms, our school will develop practical skills through training and internships in collaboration with companies. Also, because we organize a small unit of classes, even students who are not good at English can upgrade gradually. The high quality manners of airline system and through guidance such as business manners and behavior are also great force in the job interview exam and we boast of achievement of more than 98% of employment quota annually since opening.

Shizuoka Professional Training College of Design

◆Graphic Design ◆Product Design ◆Interior Design ◆Fashion Design ◆Fashion Business ◆Bridal Beauty ◆Flower Design


You can acquire the skills and knowledge of each industry that is needed now to connect the feelings of "like" and "interested" by the students to future possibilities through our school. The Members of professional group who are active at the forefront teach you “The industry now "as a teacher in a practical level, so you can understand easily. In addition, each teacher in charge carries out individual guidance and supports over the entire school life.

Numazu Professional Training College of Business and Information Technology

◆Computer ◆Public Servant ◆CG Design ◆Advanced IT business ◆CG Creation ◆Confection and bakery


In April 2016, a new school building was completed in the south of Numazu Station, and renewed all the departments! The school and cyber university merge to create "advanced IT business" department of 4 year course aiming to acquire "advanced professional" "bachelor's degree", and 2-year department "confectionery · bakery course" aiming for pastry chef!

Shizuoka Professional Training College of Automobile Technology

◆Car System Engineering Course ◆Car Maintenance Course ◆International Auto Mechanic Course ◆Body Engineer Major Course (+1 year)


Our school opened in 1956, the largest automobile school in Shizuoka Prefecture. We are very proud of the rate of acquisition of automobile mechanic as the top class in the whole country. it is possible to correspond to a wide range of employment place by arranging teaching materials and vehicles of various manufacturers in Japan.

Hamamatsu Professional College Of Automobile Technology

◆Car System Engineering Course ◆Car Maintenance Course ◆International Auto Mechanic Course

This is a new school that opened in 2023.The same education provided at Shizuoka Professional College Of Automobile Technology, which has one of the highest acquisition rates in the country for automobile mechanic qualifications, is now available in Hamamatsu with the latest equipment.

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