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School Admission Application

Recruitment period

April student Submission deadline :31/10
October student Submission deadline: 30/4
  • There is no acceptance of July entrance students and January entrance students.
  • We cannot apply for certificate of eligibility unless all materials including translated texts are available by the deadline.

Download procedure · Notes

  • Place the cursor on the necessary one of the files below and click on it.
  • When you click, the PDF file opens, so please print it.
  • If the PDF does not open due to insufficient memory, place the cursor over the file and click right.
  • Since the menu will be displayed, select "Save target as file", save it in an arbitrary folder, open the downloaded file and print it.
  • Please unify the paper size A4 of various forms of application form. In addition, please be sure to use it after printing.

You need "Adobe Reader" to read our application guidelines on line.
The software can be downloaded free of charge by clicking the icon.

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