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Facilities of Numazu Japan Language College

You will be able to interact with Japanese students in the same school building on a daily basis, so the effect of studying abroad will be double.

Affiliated with Numazu Professional College of Business and Information Technology, you can enjoy having free classes offered by the vocational school through exchanging programs with students such as extracurricular activities to deepen friendship, field trips, sports competitions and so on. Also, kimono dressing, tea ceremony, etiquette, etc. will be done as Japanese culture experiences.

  [ Introduction of Departments ]
Numazu Japan Language College apanese Language Course ( One and a half years / 2 years )
Numazu Professional Training
College of Information Technology
Computer, Public Servant,CG Design,
Advanced IT Business,CG Creation,
Confection and Bakery

Introduction of our College and Facilities

ClassroomsmsThanks to the school network, you can connect to the Internet without stress.
Your learning efficiency is going up too!

FacilitiesWe share the school building with Hamamatsu Professional Training College of Information Technology and Hamamatsu Design College, and it is the most suitable environment for learning Japanese with the fulfilling facilities. Also, we can interact with the students of these colleges.

Off-campus apartment housing is available in 20 minutes away by bicycle from campus.

Single roomRent: from 34,320JPY / month~

Share roomRent: from 17,160JPY / month~

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